10 comments on “Virtual Book Tours and Why I Do Them by Marilyn Meredith, Author of Bears With Us

  1. Thanks for letting me talk about my infatuation with blog tours. One thing I think I’ll do for a contest sometime, is give a prize to the person who finds the most typos during a tour. No matter how much I try, those gremlins manage to get in there.


  2. Marilyn is very smart when it comes to promotions! I follow her advice-always! (smile) One of the things to learn about in promotions, I think, is knowing WHO to listen to.


  3. Good advice, Marilyn. I look forward to blog touring with you again with the Mystery We Write Chirtmas tour. I also look forward to reading another one of your intriguing books, Beas With Us.

  4. A wonderful post in support of blog tours. I’ve only been on one as an author and they are wonderful! They are a fantastic way to connect with readers. Best wishes for your current tour!

  5. For awhile I couldn’t see any comments, that’s why it’s taken so long for me to respond.
    Thanks for the confidence, Madeline, though sometimes I feel like I’m throwing promo out into the abysss.
    Looking forward to being on tour with all of you who just responded.

  6. I always like to get feedback on blog tours and what works for people promotion-wise. The trick with blog tours, I guess, is to make sure you block out enough time in advance to keep up with the posts. It seems to come so naturally for some people to schedule and prioritize (Marilyn) and so so much for other people (me.) I envy your energy and organizational skills, Marilyn. I’ve frequently said if I could bottle it I’d be a millionaire. (Or at least not napping at 1:00 in the afternoon.)

    Holli Castillo

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